The teachers plan a daily schedule and learning activities with four things in mind:

(1) developmental stages, need and abilities of all the children,

(2) needs of the age group they serve and their abilities

(3) needs of the specific, individual children in their care, and

(4) the personal experiences and history each child brings to the classroom learning experience.

On a daily basis your child will engage in playful interactions with peers and trained teachers. Your child will participate in large group activities, such as story telling and music, as well as small group activities that explore the language arts, creative arts and drama, science, math, and cooking.

We will provide activities to foster emotional, social, intellectual and physical growth.

We stress good self- esteem, clear and positive communication, problem solving, decision making, creativity, independence and the ability to work with others.

Infants- 6wks.-15mths:

At Play Palz 101, Infants learn to trust and be happy. Their environment is rich and stimulating. The Staff is loving, nurturing, and knowledgeable about infants so the infant feels secure and well cared for as well as stimulated to learn. Safety and sanitary procedures are high priorities. The infant room is equipped with developmentally appropriate toys and equipment. Although it may seem like they are “only playing” they are actually learning about their new world. We offer age appropriate activities to help build their interest in learning.

Toddler- 16-35mths:

Toddler use their senses to touch, see, smell, hear, and taste. By using their senses, they learn more about their world and make sense of it. At Play Palz 101, toddlers learn through playing. They listen to stories; they ‘read’ books; they enjoy art; they listen and move to music; they sing, they build with blocks; they explore objects. Toddlers learn to listen to their teachers. They develop language. They learn to be gentle with other children. They learn self-help skills, such as eating on their own, dressing themselves and learning to use the potty.

3 years – 5 years of Age:

Children three through five years continue with active thinking and experimenting to find out about their world.. Their play lays the foundation for ‘school’; or academic learning. They are developing symbolic thinking, so they learn to use one object to stand for another. Most are ready to learn their letters and the corresponding sounds and numbers and number concepts. Their language is developing so they can describe their thoughts and feelings more and more. They learn to read pictures which are symbols for real people, places, and things. At Play Palz 101., the curriculum is organized for children to develop their thinking in this manner.

Before & After School Program:

An important quality of our School Age program is the extended atmosphere that exists for children as they come to Play Palz 101. before and after school. Each child receives individual attention in the relaxed but active environment, with attention given to social needs as well as developmental needs. We believe that children need to relax after their busy day at school, complete assigned school projects with teacher assistance and pursue other activities of interest.

Our After school program is designed to provide children time to play outdoors, interact with friends, explore creative arts, play games, work puzzles, and construct with blocks.

Christian Values:

Play Palz 101 offers prayer before meals and emphasizes on manners, emotions and the helping of others through acts of kindness, in a nondenominational manner in an effort not to impose any religious preference to the children we serve.